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Healthy Habitat

Born from a desire to combine environmentally responsible practices, aesthetics and healthy living spaces, the Healthy Habitat™ approach is the guiding philosophy behind Specialized Homes.

Our Healthy Habitat stamp has become
a symbol of quality and fundamentally showcases the distinctions in a
Specialized Home.

The concept of sustainable construction encompasses our approach; a home built with the Healthy Habitat practices is a
well-constructed building that creates a healthy environment, costs less to operate, lasts long and treads lightly on the environment.

Specialized Homes actively participates in and has been officially certified in the Built Green program, exceeding the 4-Star Guidelines. www.builtgreen.net

Specialized Homes energy efficient homes are exemplary of practices and procedures that are recognized by expert national energy efficiency consultants and third party verifiers. Since 1998 Specialized Homes has partnered with Energy Star and our homes are rated and verified, often-exceeding Energy Star requirements. www.energystar.gov


"From Energy Star compliance to Certified Green, exceeding industry standards always differentiates Specialized Homes from other builders."

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